First Condo-Hotel wellness certified

Invest, grow your assets & get attractive annual returns

A Pioneering Project

With contemporary architecture and elements that express form and design, The Flats Orlando seeks to embrace an innovative concept that evokes a superior lifestyle that blends the “exciting” and the peaceful.

Its interior design alludes to modernity; more organic and honest materials, fit for our concept of well-being. It is developing in this unique moment, an era of understanding and social awareness, where a new collective responsibility for personal care and safety is emerging.

The Flats Orlando represents the ideal place to unwind amidst the hustle and bustle of the parks and shopping centers in the city. It is a place designed for people to find tranquility, while still partaking in all Orlando’s magic has to offer.

At The Flats Orlando we understand and value fun, enjoyment, relaxation and special moments. That is why we are creating a wellness ecosystem, paying special attention to the details in order to create spaces that forge truly memorable experiences.

7 Levels | 160 fully equipped units | 1-3 bedrooms
Based on a one-room unit

FLOOR 2 | CAPACITY: 4 | 658 sqft

*The income and expenses mentioned are estimates and should not be considered as a return guarantee*
One of the main reasons to invest in The Flats Orlando is to protect your assets in the future, investing in a solid currency is a safe investment, to constantly grow the value of your investment and last but not least you will be able to make your unit profitable.
Kissimmee, Florida
exceptional location
Orlando’s first Condo-Hotel
wellness certified

Every tenant has purified air, nontoxic wall covering, filtered water, aromatherapeutic diffusers, Vitamin C diffusion therapy showers, non-allergic bedding, circadian lighting to relax and balance your mind and probiotic eco sanitizing diffusion to eliminate bacteria and viruses that may exist in the atmosphere or on any surfaces.

All units go through an extensive eco sanitization in between guests to ensure a pleasant healthy setting.

Enjoy a new concept, which transforms your life into a relaxing experience. Carefully thought out and handmade especially for people who seek to explore a transformative side of Orlando. The Flats Orlando is a new concept which transforms your life into a relaxing experience.

Worksite start – December 2021 | Completion date – 2023
The Balance Between
We are close to everything!
created to build a more sophisticated
Vision for the Community
Well Certified unit
by David Wolfe

Why you should buy a David Wolfe certified unit?

We know that in uncertain times being protected against bacteria and epidemics is essential. These last two years were essential to find our areas of opportunity and that is why The Flats Orlando is a one-of-a-kind pioneering project where we focus on a healthy environment in order to provide you protection 24/7, from the moment you enter until you come out.

A David Wolfe Certified Unit has an added value, since the units will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as:

*Note: When purchasing, the units comes already equipped. The David Wolfe´s are the only ones that contain this additional equipments*
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